+ What is Ventoura?

Holiday. Vacances. Fiesta. Urlaub. Férias. 节日. No matter where you are from, enjoying travelling is universal. But here at Ventoura we’ve noticed something. People spend so much time planning where to go, where to stay, what to see; they forget about who they want to share the experience with.

Go with Ventoura. Find Locals who can show you the hidden treasures of their city, the doors you would have walked past. Find fellow Travellers, people who want to see the things you want to see. Ventoura is the app you cannot travel without; a gateway to unique, memorable travel experiences. Awesome people, awesome places.

+ How do I create an account?

So you want to start travelling like a local? Or do you want to meet people to share your travels with? Or maybe you want to make some extra cash having fun showing others your city? You’ll love Ventoura, so head over to the iTunes App Store, or Google Play Store on your smartphone to get started. Once you have downloaded the app, all you need to do is create your account by connecting through your Facebook. Choose whether you want to set up a “Traveller”, or “Local” account and you are good to go!

+ Why do I need a Facebook account to use Ventoura?

By connecting through your Facebook account, this helps verify members of the Ventoura community so you know we put safety first.

+ How do I contact Ventoura?

You can contact us by sending an email to

+ How do I block/report another Ventoura user?

Only Ventoura users that you have “liked” may contact you. If you want to block or report a user you have previously “liked”, you may do so on their profile page by touching the “More” option.

+ What is a tour type?

A tour type is a descriptor that can be attached to your tour listing. The tags currently available are: Adrenaline, Adventure, Art & Design, Bicycle, Chillout, Explore, Famous Sights, Foodie, Hidden Gems, Local Culture, Music, Mystery, Nature, Nightlife, Photography, Relaxation, Shopping, Spiritual, Sport, Style & Fashion, Traveller’s Choice and Walking Tour.

+ What can I do to increase my number of ‘matches’?

The single best thing you can do is use the App more! Being an active member of our community is an important part of our matching algorithm. The quality of previous experiences you have provided to members is also important. You can increase your matching pool by filling in more information in “My Trip”.

Ventoura is still just starting out. The more you help us grow and expand, the more matching potential you will get, and the greater your experience will be.


+ How does Ventouring for Travellers work?

Discover things you never would have on your own! Find locals who can show you their beautiful city. Or find other travellers to share the experiences with. Step 1: Where will your travels take you? Complete an itinerary on your “My Trip” page to meet Locals and Travellers at your destinations. Step 2: Head to the “Ventouring” page and we will show you people who you will cross paths with on your travels. Remember you can use the filter to narrow or widen the pool of people we show you.
Step 3: When you find someone that you want to share your travels with, give them a big tick. If they do the same for you, they will appear on your “Messages” page.
Step 4: Interact with Travellers and Locals you have matched with. Use the chat option to get to know them better, plan your travels, make tour requests, or just have some fun. Step 5: Travel! Show your Facebook friends your awesome trip and keep on Ventouring!

+ How can I book a tour?

Step 1: Once you have found an experience on the “Ventouring” page and given a tick, you have to wait until you have been approved by the Local. It could be immediately, or it may take some time, so make sure you keep Ventouring. Step 2: Once the Local appears on your “Messages” page, click them to open the chat to find the Book Tour button within the more options tab in your conversation. Step 3: After you have submitted a tour request time, it will go to your “My Trip” page with a “Waiting Response” status. After the Local has accepted your tour request, you are all set. Ventoura will notify you when payment is required. Your tour will be a confirmed booking once payment is received.

+ How long in advance can I book a tour?

You can book a tour up to 365 days in advance.

+ How do I pay for my tour?

Ventoura Locals determine how to pay for your tour. You will be asked to either: i) pay the total tour cost by credit card via the Ventoura application, or ii) pay a 18% booking fee by credit card via the Ventoura application and the remainder in cash at the time of your tour.

+ When do I pay for my tour?

Ventoura will notify you when payment is required for a booking. A “Book now” button will appear when you click on the tour on your “My Trip” page. A countdown will indicate how long you have to submit payment. If you do not meet this deadline, your request will be automatically cancelled.

+ How can I cancel a tour and are there fees?

You can cancel a tour by touching the “Cancel Tour” button from within the booking request screen. If your cancellation is more than seven (7) days in advance of the agreed tour, Ventoura will refund the entire amount paid by you. If your cancellation is less than seven (7) days in advance of the agreed tour, you will forfeit the entire amount paid by you.

+ What if the Local I booked a tour with doesn’t turn up?

Under our Terms of Service you have 48 hours from the agreed tour time to lodge a dispute at We will investigate and refund you, if we deem appropriate, within seven (7) days of the agreed tour.

+ I had a disappointing tour. What can I do?

Your first point of call should be to leave a review of your experience. Feedback helps members of our community to improve their services. We may monitor reviews from time to time to ensure the Ventoura community is providing a trustworthy and exciting experience. We also encourage you to contact the member you had a disappointing experience with to relay your concerns.

If your tour was misrepresented you may contact us with your concerns at


+ How does Ventouring for locals work?

Want to show off your beautiful city and the hidden treasures you love? Meeting people travelling through your city with Ventoura, and make money while doing it! Step 1: Have a real local experience you want to share? Fill it out on your profile page with city, price, length, tour type, highlights and about me.

Step 2: Head to the “Ventouring” page and we will show you Travellers that will be in your city. Remember you can use the filter to narrow or widen the pool of people we show you. If you are open to offering a tour to anyone, just select the “Auto-matching” option on the Filter page.

Step 3: When you find someone that you want to share your experience with, give them a big tick. If they do the same for you, they will appear on your “Messages” page. If you are using “Auto-matching” Travellers will start appearing in “Messages” as soon as they “like” you.

Step 4: Interact with Travellers you have matched with. Use the chat option to get to know them better and their travel plans, or just have some fun. Alternatively you can sit back and relax until we let you know a Traveller has sent you a tour request.

Step 5: Accept and Decline requests on your “Bookings” page.

Step 6: Have fun, while making money doing something you love! Show your Facebook friends your awesome times and keep on Ventouring!

Remember the more you use Ventoura, the more you will get out of it!

+ How do I list a tour?

When you create your Local account you have the option to fill out information about the experience you would like to offer. Alternatively you can navigate to your profile page on the main menu to create and/or edit your tour details (city, price, length, tour type, highlights, and a short about me).

+ How much should I charge for my tour?

You are free to determine the “Service fee” to charge for your tour. Ventoura is a marketplace and so it is recommended that Locals review competition to determine an acceptable fee. As a new Local, you may want to consider charging a lower than average fee to attract more Travellers until you receive favourable reviews.

+ Can I list multiple tours?

At this time you may only list one tour.

+ What legal and regulatory issues should I consider before listing a tour?

This is your responsibility. Please review our Terms of Service for further information.

+ How do I edit my listing?

You may edit your listing at any time on your profile page. This will not however affect existing bookings. If you need to change details for an existing booking, you will need to contact the Traveller directly through the App chat function. Under our Terms of Service, unless changes are agreed to by a Traveller, this may give cause for the Traveller to be refunded.

+ Why should I be a “PayPal” Local?

By setting up your Local account to receive your earnings via PayPal you have greater protections to ensure you are paid for your services. You are not at risk from ‘no-shows’. Further, you may be given greater exposure in Ventouring.

+ How do I pre-approve all matches? (What if I want to match with everyone?)

There is an option in the filter page to pre-approve all matches. This allows Travellers to request your tour immediately in a streamlined manner, which may ultimately boost the total number of tours booked. You still retain the option to accept or decline the request on your “Bookings” page.

Ventouring is intended to be an enjoyable process to meet people in your city. You have control over what balance of matching/pre-approving is right for you. You may switch between the two modes at any time.

+ How do I view and send messages?

After you have “liked”, and been “liked” by, another member, they will appear on your “Messages” page. To view and send messages, click on the member to open the Chat window.

+ How do I know if a traveller has sent me a tour request?

You will automatically receive a notification that a traveller has sent you a tour request. A request will also appear on your “Bookings” page that. You can respond to the request by either accepting it, or declining it.

+ How long do I have to confirm a booking?

We encourage you to respond to a request immediately after receiving a notification. Ventoura is a marketplace and so your professionalism in handling requests and bookings is important to increase demand for your service. Further, we give greater exposure in Ventouring to Locals that are prompt in responding to Travellers requests.

+ Am I allowed to decline a tour request?

It is important to respond to all the tour requests that you receive by clicking either, accept, or decline. You can decline a request that you are not able to accommodate. We however encourage you to negotiate in Chat to find a mutually acceptable tour time. The more requests you accept, the greater the exposure your listing will have in Ventouring.

+ I can’t make the travellers proposed tour time. How do I negotiate a new tour time?

When you receive a notification that a Traveller has requested your tour, you have the option to either accept, or decline. If you are unable to accommodate the Traveller’s proposed request, you should talk to them in Chat to try and find a mutually acceptable tour time. Once a new time has been sorted, the Traveller should submit a new tour request.

+ How does the Ventoura payment system work?

Bookings made through the Ventoura App can be paid for by the Traveller using either cash, at the agreed time of the tour, or credit card through the App, as elected by you, the Local. Payments made via credit card will incur a “Ventoura fee”, and we will remit the remainder to you (Local Fee) within seven (7) days of the agreed tour, unless a dispute has been lodged. A cash booking requires the “Ventoura fee” paid via credit card through the App; the remainder will be paid to you by the Traveller in cash at the time of the tour.

The Ventoura Fee is always a flat 18%. We cover all fees to process payments and get money to your PayPal account so you know exactly what you will receive. The Ventoura Fee and Local Fee are together known as the Service Fee. This is the amount shown to a Traveller.

Ventoura accepts payment via the App using Visa and MasterCard branded cards.

Ventoura is not involved in any way, in cash transactions.

+ How do I receive a payout?

At this time Ventoura currently pays Locals using PayPal . After you have created an account you should go to the Settings page and enter your PayPal details, or set up a new PayPal account. Ventoura is not affiliated with PayPal and you should read and understand any terms of service you agree to.

Payouts will be remitted to your PayPal account within seven (7) days of the agreed tour taking place unless a dispute has been lodged. It is your responsibility to pay out funds from your PayPal account to your personal bank account; any fees incurred as a result of this process are borne by you.

+ Does Ventoura charge a commission?

Ventoura charges a flat 18% “Ventoura fee” of a tour booking for using our service. This fee is taken out of the Service fee you list your tour at and we remit the remainder to you. We take care of all payment processing charges, however it is your responsibility to determine any tax and regulatory requirements you may have.

+ What are my tax obligations?

Ventoura does not provide advice on your tax obligations. Under our Terms of Service you are solely responsible for compliance with any and all laws, rules, regulations, and tax obligations that may apply to your use of the Application and Content.

+ When will I receive my tour fee?

Ventoura will remit your “Local fee” within seven (7) days after the agreed tour, unless a dispute has been raised. The “Local fee” is calculated as the “Service fee” listed for a booking, minus the “Ventoura fee”.

+ What if a Traveller doesn’t show for my tour? How long should I wait?

We suggest that you should wait at least 20 minutes, otherwise it may be unclear if the traveller failed to turn up or you left too early. We encourage you to contact the Traveller through the App if they don’t turn up at the agreed time and location.

Remember Travellers are in an unfamiliar place and so you should choose well-known and easy to get to locations to meet. You should also allow time for Travellers getting lost in trying to find the meeting place.


+ Where is Ventoura available?

Ventoura is currently available to connect with exciting Locals in,

London ♦ Berlin ♦ Frankfurt ♦ Paris ♦ Rome ♦ Barcelona ♦ Edinburgh ♦ Copenhagen ♦ Helsinki ♦ Amsterdam ♦ Vienna ♦ Finnish Lapland

Travellers can use Ventoura in over 100 cities around the Globe. We are continually expanding, so make sure you keep checking in on us, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

+ When will Ventoura be coming to my city?

We are working hard to expand throughout Europe and further abroad. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get the latest. The more you and your friends can generate demand, the quicker we will get to your city!


+ How do reviews work?

All the reviews on Ventoura are written by members of our community so you can be sure any review you see is based on a completed tour that a Traveller had with a Local.

After a tour that was booked on Ventoura has taken place, Travellers can provide a review of their Local experience. Reviews are made available to the Ventoura community once they have been submitted.

If you have concerns about a review left on your profile, contact us at

In addition to written reviews, members can also submit a star rating of their experience with the other member. The number of stars displayed on a member’s profile page is an aggregate of the scores that different members have assigned to them.

Account Settings

+ How do I deactivate my account?

We will be sad to see you go. You can send us an email at to deactivate your account.

+ How does Ventoura use my information?

Ventoura may use information provided by you as set out in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.


+ I want to work for Ventoura

We are always on the lookout for talented people. If you believe you would make a great addition to the Ventoura team, then we want to hear from you! Contact us at

+ Does Ventoura offer internships?

Ventoura does not regularly offer internships, however from time to time we may have exciting internship opportunities. We encourage you to contact us at to see if we could offer you a place with us.


+ Is it safe to go Ventouring?

All Ventoura member accounts are connected to their Facebook accounts. This provides you with peace-of-mind that our members are here to be genuine members of the Ventoura community. You can get to know Locals and Travellers better by using our messaging system. Profiles and reviews also allow you to see what others in our community think of a member.

+ I have experienced something that doesn’t seem quite right. What should I do?

If you experience any disturbing content/actions, infringement of rights, or anything that doesn’t seem right, contact us immediately at If you experience any illegal activity, contact your nearest emergency service immediately.