Kristina | Copenhagen

Culture Tour

Hey my name is Kristina, I’m 23 years old and I’m as Danish as possible, if you want a true local, I’m the one!  I’ve spent my entire life between Copenhagen, and the Danish countryside. I’m currently studying at Copenhagen University.  To experience Copenhagen, do like the locals and get on a bike. I will show you Christiana, where the ultimate hippy lifestyle can be found. We’ll see the little mermaid statue, historic buildings and castles and Tivoli, the world oldest theme park.  To finish the day off I can offer a night out from a local expert on nightlife.

Joey | Amsterdam

Hi Travellers,

Come and enjoy the charm of Amsterdam from a unique perspective as I take you on a 'boat crawl' through the city's charismatic canals that I love so much.  From docking up straight onto the terraces of some of my favourite waterside bars and grabbing a couple of locally crafted beers to limbo-ing under the lowest bridge in Amsterdam, explore this city with me in an original and awe-inspiring way, who knows, I may even bring my sailors hat.

Tanja | Vienna

Culture tour

Hi guys! I'm Tanja, 26 and have lived in Vienna for 6 years, came to study and decided to stay. I've travelled through Europe, Asia and the US, and lived in Berlin, Bangkok and New York - that's why I appreciate the life here in Vienna even more! I will spend a typical Viennese day with you, combining our touristy places with some secret spots. My favourite place to hang out, the best places to grab local food (there's more than just schnitzel!) and our best clubs. Of course museums and shopping can be included as well. I can show you the business hotspots, and the best places to meet and network with fellow entrepreneurs (I'm starting my own business myself We can also check out the HQ of some amazing companies founded in Vienna.