Kristina | Copenhagen

Culture Tour

Hey my name is Kristina, I’m 23 years old and I’m as Danish as possible, if you want a true local, I’m the one!  I’ve spent my entire life between Copenhagen, and the Danish countryside. I’m currently studying at Copenhagen University.  To experience Copenhagen, do like the locals and get on a bike. I will show you Christiana, where the ultimate hippy lifestyle can be found. We’ll see the little mermaid statue, historic buildings and castles and Tivoli, the world oldest theme park.  To finish the day off I can offer a night out from a local expert on nightlife.


Culture Tour

I’m Marysia, I’ve lived in Amsterdam for 2 and a half years.  I’m currently studying dance and work as a house keeper. I know Amsterdam very well, and can show you many interesting cafés and restaurants around the city.  I know where the best shopping areas are, from small boutiques to vintage stores. If you want to know where the best jazz clubs or museums, or even where the locals like to party, I’d love to share my local knowledge.

Virginie | Paris

Fashion and style Tour

My name is Virginie, call me Vivi. I’m a 32 year old personal shopper and make-up artist. I’ve traveled the world and lived in London, New York and now Paris.  I know everything about Paris, the secret boutiques, the prettiest streets, where to find the best baguette or most beautiful handbag. I can show you the trendiest shopping areas, and walk the famous streets with you, and of course, we won’t forget the famous French bakeries!

Joey | Amsterdam

Hi Travellers,

Come and enjoy the charm of Amsterdam from a unique perspective as I take you on a 'boat crawl' through the city's charismatic canals that I love so much.  From docking up straight onto the terraces of some of my favourite waterside bars and grabbing a couple of locally crafted beers to limbo-ing under the lowest bridge in Amsterdam, explore this city with me in an original and awe-inspiring way, who knows, I may even bring my sailors hat.

Kathrin | Helsinki

Culture tour

I came to Helsinki in 2010 for an exchange program, fell in love with the city and never left. Nowadays I work in travel and events, mostly revolving around my beloved city! I know this place better than many and I can't wait to show you a side of Helsinki that will also make you fall in love with it. Discover nature, food, culture the way we locals live it.  This is really a best-of-Helsinki tour that is guaranteed to be different from any others. I'm all about personalising everything for you, so we'll be in touch and I will create the ultimate best experience for you. See you soon!

Paul & roza | amsterdam


Discover hidden Amsterdam! Join De Loper (Dutch for both 'masterkey' and 'walker' ) on a stroll and develop just as much love for the city as we do.  Be guided to beautiful places that otherwise would have passed you unnoticed. Hear stories that will bring the city to life and get to know Amsterdam even better.

After finishing their studies Paul and Roza decided to join forces.  They combined both their love for Amsterdam and their professional expertise, they founded De Loper.  With lots of enthusiasm they will show you their 'hidden' Amsterdam!

Fabio | Rome

Travelers choice

Hi guys my name is Fabio,I'm a 26 year old Roman guy.I have lived in Rome for 20 years, then moved to Melbourne for about 4 and a half years. After the Australian dream I lived and worked in Amsterdam and Manchester for a while. Now I'm back in the eternal city.

I consider myself a very easy going person,open minded and a laugh lover!  I like to discover new places,meeting new people also the passion for the hospitality industry enabled me to discover a lot of hidden gems everywhere I go, especially here in Rome.

I cannot wait to show you ' how the Romans do' in a true local way.

Anne | Helsinki

Foodie tour

I can offer a Foodie tour around Helsinki’s best food spots.  Starting with a quick stroll around the flea market, then off to a famous local Middle Eastern restaurant for a Meze. Followed by a drink at the Grotesk or The Cock before heading on to the market square and farmers markets. Then hop on a tram and travel to Museokatu, Töölö where you can check out Anton & Anton organic grocery store and a lovely delicatessen shop. After that an afternoon coffee on Aleksanterinkatu before a quick nap at your hotel. Pre-dinner drinks and dinner in Kamppi. After dinner drink in a river cruise boat at the Market Square or at a speakeasy at Katariinankatu.

Yuliya | PARIS

Photography tour

Hi I’m Yuliya, I moved from Minsk to Paris and fell in love with the city.   I’ve worked as a photographer since 2007 and love looking at people, places and life through a camera lens. I believe in telling a story through your pictures.  I would love to share my experiences of Paris with you, with as tour through the Latin Quarter, the soul of Paris. We can work together on subjects and techniques of images that you will take home from this journey, as souvenirs and a trace of this experience we will pass through together.

Olli | Berlin

Explore/culture tour

Hey guys my name’s Olli, I’m 24 and my greatest passion is traveling. To me this is all about meeting people, connecting to them and getting to know places from a locals perspective.  In the last 4 years I’ve hitchhiked more than 30,000 km, stayed with hundreds of hosts and in addition to my native tongue German, I speak Spanish, English, Portuguese and a bit of French. I'm taking you on an alternative tour through Berlin, on which we'll explore numerous secret hidden spots and the 'real' face of the city.  On our way we'll pass by some of the beautiful touristy areas, before entering the lively neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, along with the most 'unique' park in the world. 

Satu | Arctic circle (Reykjavik)

Culture Tour

Satu Ramo, 35 is an author and a travel journalist specialised in topics related to Iceland. She lives in downtown Reykjavik - also called Reykajavik 101 - together with her glacier guide husband and their 5 year old daughter.  On her tour Reykjavik 101 Walking Tour you have the opportunity to see the town through the eyes of a local and learn about Reykjavik's exciting history, best bars and restaurants, the loveliest swimming pools and the extremely lively culture scene.

Photography: Bjorgvin Hilmarsson

Tanja | Vienna

Culture tour

Hi guys! I'm Tanja, 26 and have lived in Vienna for 6 years, came to study and decided to stay. I've travelled through Europe, Asia and the US, and lived in Berlin, Bangkok and New York - that's why I appreciate the life here in Vienna even more! I will spend a typical Viennese day with you, combining our touristy places with some secret spots. My favourite place to hang out, the best places to grab local food (there's more than just schnitzel!) and our best clubs. Of course museums and shopping can be included as well. I can show you the business hotspots, and the best places to meet and network with fellow entrepreneurs (I'm starting my own business myself We can also check out the HQ of some amazing companies founded in Vienna.

Constance | Paris

Photography tour

This tour will begin in the incredible Marais district, discovering the many gardens and arches of the place des Vosges. We'll go through the streets of the Marais, discovering graphic and rich artists collages.  We'll tour through art nouveau, Haussmann and contemporary displays, and  capture by day and night, the romance of Paris bridges.

All your senses will be alert, your eyes will be extremely stressed throughout this indispensable course to capture the energy of the city, and understand the historical dimension of Paris. The romance of Parisian places will not escape you, just like the graphic colours and many styles (architectural, artistic, life) mixed in the city.

Riikka | Helsinki

relaxation tour

This is a sauna tour for women only. Kids are welcome, boys under 7 may join in the women’s sauna.  I’m a sauna enthusiast, in both personal and professional life.  My company designs saunas and spas, and I love using them. I’ve learned that sauna is something extraordinary for most of us on this planet.  A multi-sensory experience, feeling the hot steamy air, smelling the burning wood, hearing the water hit the stove, then going for  a quick break before returning for some more sweat!

Ronja | Helsinki

Culture tour

See the history and future of Helsinki’s hip area, Kallio!  See how this area has developed from a working class neighborhood to an artsy and laid back place-to-be.  Visit trendy shops, traditional pubs.  See where the locals go to sauna and understand why ever former president lives in Kallio! If you are curious to see how the Helsinki hipsters are living and interested about the history behind it, this is the tour for you!

Tomi & Anni | Helsinki

Travelers choice

We are a couple of (almost) 30 year olds who live in the best neighborhood in Helsinki, Kallio! There are around 90 bars in Kallio, and we are on a journey to visit every last one of them. Our tour is a custom built pub crawl around the district. Tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll craft a tour for you! Want to see the pubs with the best local beer selection? Want to find the best vegan pizza in Kallio? Want to see the best place to drink with locals from 9am to 2am? Let’s go already!

You can visit our blog at It’s in Finnish for now, but there is an English section coming up!

Liisa | London


I'm Liisa, a Londoner since 2011. I'm in love with this gorgeous city and can't wait to show you around. Come and join me on a walking tour to discover the hidden gems of North London. Escape the crowds while you explore one of the Big Smoke’s loveliest areas and visit places that locals love, including a quirky nature reserve and a secret street art hub. Top it all off with amazing views of the capital.  I’m happy to mold the tour to your interests.

Michael | Paris

Shopping/fashion tour

Hi guys,

My name is Michael, a Ugandan born 34 year old, I'm an actor and fashion model. I move with the clouds in this romantic city each day, can't wait to take you on tour around designers boutiques in Paris, where you will find designers clothes and on your last day I will be glad to take you out to one of the good clubs in the city, you will not regret the day you chose to visit Paris.  Look forward to seeing you soon.

Mirjam | Helsinki

Shopping/culture tour

Hello Hakaniemi, a tour for families. We’ll start with coffee, juice and some cinnamon pastries before heading to a shop specializing in Finnish and international baby and kid brands, where there is always a Ventoura special! After working up an appetite in a playground, a kid-friendly restaurant awaits. There are plenty of opportunities for breaks and tired little (or big!) feet to rest, while seeing the many sites of Helsinki. It’s important to remember in Finland we have a saying “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”.